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Why Word Chef?

For many years, I have been searching for a business name that “fits right”. I wanted to choose something that would show I’m serious about the craft of writing and that I really love words, without resorting to cliches (or stealing someone else’s name, seeing a lot of very cool names have already been nabbed).

One morning, at about 3am, my brain was stumbling from idea to idea when the name Word Chef came to me. A chef is someone who is able to take a group of ingredients and turn them into something delicious through skillfully balancing flavours and making use of various techniques.

It struck me that as someone who loves to write and to cook, that’s what I want to do for my clients, but with words. I want to take a group of words and ideas and turn them into something that whets the brains’ appetite. I want to turn my passion for all things wordy into creative, tasty copy that keeps clients coming back for more.

And so, out of my desire to bring seasoning to great stories that need telling, Word Chef was born.